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Kilt Hire Service

Prince Charlie Jacket

 Prince Charlie Waistcoat

Waist Belt & Buckle

Kilt Hose
If diced - three dice showing from top of hose when folded to the top of spat or three fingers from bone at outside of knee cap.

Garter Flashes
Both flashes should be worn the same equal distance on both legs.

Kilt Model

Black Bow Tie


Worn evenly - inside and outside. Apron fastened by buckle and resting just above half way mark of knee cap. Ensure pattern is correct at front centre.

Should be worn so that the cantle of the sporran is one hand's breadth from the underside of the waist belt

Sgian Dubh (black knife)

Ghillie Brogues (footwear)

Lewis Turrell's House of Scotland Limited

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